- Hybrid (I) -

Grape Louie


"Grape Louie is a strain that has recently emerged in California dispensaries. It is a cross between the Grape Kush and LUI strains. Grape Louie is a strong indica-dominant hybrid that is not for the faint of heart. Grape Louie has a sharp, fruity aroma with a slightly Kush aftertaste. Primary effects are a relaxed body buzz, but with a euphoric cerebral edge. Occasionally you'll find King Louis, a heavy indica, crossed with any grape strain where King Louis is the dominant strain being sold as Grape Louie. The effects and taste are very similar so for the most part the average user won't be able to tell the difference. King Louis buds will be a littler denser than Grape Louis and have a darker, more evergreen tree color and look."  -*Source: Dankster


Hybrid, Indica Dominant 


Sweet, Grape, Fruity


Relaxed, Euphoric, Energetic, Heavy, Happy



North Colorado Springs

Conveniently located in the Walmart Super Center near North Academy & Voyager Pkwy, right off the I-25 interstate, exit 150 (Academy), in Colorado Springs.

| Medical Only 21+ |

Sunday:  11am - 5pm
Monday:  9am - 7pm
Tuesday:  9am - 7pm
Wednesday:  9am - 7pm
Thursday:  9am - 7pm
Friday:  9am - 7pm
Saturday:  9am - 7pm


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