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"At FLO, we use CO2 super-critical fluid extraction and ethanol, in our custom lab. Using molecular distillation, virtually everything is separated; from your THC, to terpenes, to additional lipids, pesticides, plant material and all other components. We run Distillate, CO2 Oil, RSO/Phoenix Tears and some special requests. What is Distillate? Not only is distilled THC a very clean and pure extract, you can use it in almost any method you like, making it an extremely versatile medicine. On top of it, having had all the impurities and chemicals removed, you’re left with a very clean and smooth smoke or vaping experience. Due to a fully activated product, the high you get from Distillate is felt almost immediately after consumption."  -*Source: Alignable


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North Colorado Springs

Conveniently located in the Walmart Super Center near North Academy & Voyager Pkwy, right off the I-25 interstate, exit 150 (Academy), in Colorado Springs.

| Medical Only 21+ |

Sunday:  11am - 5pm
Monday:  9am - 7pm
Tuesday:  9am - 7pm
Wednesday:  9am - 7pm
Thursday:  9am - 7pm
Friday:  9am - 7pm
Saturday:  9am - 7pm


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